First off, don’t panic.

When it comes to finding specific outfits a lot of us women tend to go into emergency mode, which for some reason results in shutting down our understanding of good taste and body perception . (And yes I’m talking to the women in this post, because let’s face it, my dear men, this is pretty much a no brainer for you.) So breath, don’t overthink this outfit and don’t spend you christmas bonus on it!

Go through your closet and check out what you already own that could be part of your outfit. Shoes, Jackets etc. make sure you get a good look at your pieces, because that will get you inspired and save you money when you hit the store.

Play it safe. You know your body, you know which cut in a dress works best for you. The sparkly tee cut shirt might look breath taking on that size 000 mannequin, but that doesn’t mean it will compliment your body. Don’t even bother trying on cuts you already know don’t work for you. It will only frustrate you in the changing room. And no, it doesn’t matter that you love that color.

Keep it classy. If you have a great cleavage, fantastic! Go ahead and highlight it. But don’t have your boobs entering the room before you.  If you like to show off your legs, don’t go too short, which means no shorter than 5 inches above your knees. If you don’t love your arms, try to look for a dress with sleeves, that way you won’t feel uncomfortable taking off your jacket!

Own it. Before you leave your Uber, remember YOU’RE LOOKING FABULOUS!